Did you ever test your web site or web app on bugs and inconsistencies with a professional testing team?

We are giving away 20 QA testing audits in the coming 3 months!A total value of 100k euro we are giving away!

We usually charge for such an audit +- 5k euros for the work only.The value of the end-results are even much more valuable!

Sometimes we find bugs towards the payment process or we find bugs why people leave a website and never buy eventually. Those bugs are business critical.

Don’t think bugs and inconsistencies on your web site or app are irrelevant! They are super super important to be identified.

That’s where we come in place. Our expert Q&A team will look at your existing web site or app and show you nicely documented where all the flaws are hidden.
It’s a limited offer - so first come first serve!

Want to see an example of such an audit? - download it here.

So... Why are we giving away 100k euro of potential turnover? Well to be honest we realized that more than 50% of the clients from our business came from a problem we solved for them.

The hypotheses from this campaign is that we have 10 or more new clients in return after delivering a the free Q&A audit. It’s simply an investment in our own business - our people!

Check Out Our Summary Video:

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